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Direct Family Med is a medical practice where YOU and your health come first.

We focus on preventive health, well child visits, and YOU- the patient. We also take care of acute and chronic medical conditions in both children and adults. We can provide accountability that you may need to better your health.

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Direct attention to your health with longer doctor visits and electronic access.

Because we limit our number of patients, we will always schedule a visit for you within 24 hours, and often the same day. Those visits will be longer and unhurried where you can ask all and any questions. And if you leave the doctor’s visit and think: ‘Oh, I forgot to ask something’, your monthly fee allows you to go ahead and allow you to directly contact your doctor (via email, text, phone)  and quickly receive the reply you need.

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Direct billing with no third party health insurance involvement.

Our clinic does not accept insurance. This eliminates the red tape and much of the unnecessary costs to run a practice. We transfer these savings to you, the patient. We charge a monthly fee for your care. For our modest monthly fees you obtain unlimited visits and contact with your doctor. Most patients find that this is a more cost effective approach to their health.

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About Dr. Sital Bhargava

Hi. I’m Sital Bhargava (pronounced SHEE-tul BARR-guv-ah). I live in Mokena, IL with my husband (a local gastroenterologist) and three kids. I love to read, catch up on the latest shows with my husband and go for walks on the nearby trails. I have twin girls and a son. I grew up in the southern suburbs of Chicago. I attended college at the University of Illinois (Go Illini!) and medical school at Midwestern University.  After medical school I completed my family medicine residency at LaGrange Hospital, where I was chosen to be a chief resident from 2004 to 2005.

I initially took a position at my former residency program and helped train future physicians. The call of clinical medicine became louder and I ended up leaving the faculty position to join a practice in Indiana. After working there for five years, I decided it was time to open up my own practice. I am opening this new type of practice because I want to help patients have more control over their own health. I know direct primary care is a great method that provides tools to have more communication between doctors and patients, while eliminating third parties such as insurance companies. It also provides patients with an accountability partner (me!) without having to worry about co-pays and hidden charges.  And as a working mom, I appreciate that this model takes into account the patient’s time while offering flexibility.  This practice is a culmination of learning what works in health care during the last fifteen years and I am so excited to bring this to my patients.

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Fees and Services

We charge a monthly fee which allows you to have unlimited visits and contact with your doctor.


  • New patients pay a nonrefundable activation fee that covers enrollment and THREE months of service ($195-$255*)
  • Monthly fees of $40-$60* will include ALL office visits and procedures
  • Home visits $50/visit within 5 miles of clinic location
  • Free Meet and Greets to learn more about our practice

*dependent on age; see FAQ below for more details and special family pricing

Services offered:

  • Preventive health and acute sick visits
  • Discounted labs, imaging and medications
  • Chronic health conditions (refills, medical exams)
  • Home visits
  • Access to your doctors via email, text and phone
  • Same day scheduling- visits within 24 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct primary care offers same day scheduling, home visits and longer visits where you can voice ALL of your concerns. In an ideal world this would be present in every medical practice. Unfortunately, this is not how the current medical climate is. Many patients complain of long wait times, short visits and being seen at urgent cares and minute clinics instead. We at Direct Family Med want to maintain the important relationship between a primary doctor and the patient. We want to see you for ALL of your visits. In addition, we value your time. Enough time is allotted for each visit so that your concerns are addressed and the physician is not running behind. A study by the Qliance Medical Management Inc. revealed that the direct primary care model makes healthcare 20 percent less expensive than traditional health insurance yet leaves patients feeling more satisfied with their care.
Your membership fee does not just cover office visits. Your membership offers access…to your doctor. You will be able to text, e-mail, and call us with any question- big or small. You have a rash but you aren’t sure if it needs further treatment- then send us a picture. We can let you know if you need to be seen, if it will resolve on its own or if you can use an over the counter ointment to fix it. Not all problems require a trip to the office.  Maintaining your health is very important.  The best way to stay healthy is to prevent disease in the first place.  Having a primary care physician will allow you to control your health and also provide you with a familiar face during an emergency or sick visit.
We do not bill insurance. We instead offer the full range of services, including routine care, preventive care and acute visits in exchange for a flat, retainer fee that is billed to patients on a monthly basis.
Nope. No copays here! Your monthly fee will cover all visits and communication that may come up during the course of the month.
The nonrefundable activation fee (which includes the $75 registration fee and covers THREE months of service) is as follows:

$255             Age 18+

$195             Age newborn -18 years

Following the first three months, a monthly membership fee as follows:

$60/month   Age 18+

$40/month   Age newborn – 18 years

Special family membership is as follows:

$150 enrollment fee

$150/month for 2 adults and 2 children and $20/per child for additional children

Yes. We recommend you continue to carry insurance for medications, labs and imaging. In addition, you will want to maintain your health insurance in case of any emergencies or surgeries requiring hospitalizations.
You are able to be admitted to any hospital of your choosing. A hospitalist will attend to your needs while you are a patient there but you can also discuss your care with your primary care physican at Direct Family Med.
If you need labs or imaging, we can order it for you and you will use your insurance to help cover it. If you need to see a specialist or a higher degree of care we will direct you in the right direction.  For people who would rather pay cash for labs and imaging we have negotiated cash prices at certain local centers.
Unfortunately we will not.  We have come up with options because we are committed to having children vaccinated.  Please ask us and we would be happy to provide more information.
You may be able to use your FSA or HSA for your membership fee. However, we advise that you consult with your tax accountant.
Sure.  Let us know if you would like to cancel (though we predict that you will love it!) and we will cancel your account.  No 90 day notice required! We do not refund any money that was already charged.

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We are not enrolling new patients at this time. Notice of Privacy Practices : Please review before signing up. If you would like to use your bank account INSTEAD of your credit card, please feel free to call and we will gladly add it to your account. Once you sign up, feel free to call for an appointment.   Medicare patients will be required to agree to not bill Medicare or seek reimbursement from Medicare for any of the services provided by Direct Family Med and its physicians.